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High school graduation

I am so disappointed that they are trying to change the day of graduation. It is a big event here and these graduates deserve some respect. What about the all night party and the family gatherings. I am not impressed with the new administration or the principal and know how I will vote for the school board, kick them all out and start over with people who care.   More

Just around the bend...

I've heard old-timers say that you can gauge how hard a winter will be by the height at which wasps build their nests. The higher the nest, the harder the winter. As I sit looking at the stack of legislative bills and paperwork I've received over the last month or so, I can't help but wonder if a similar correlation exists between it and the legislative session... the higher the stack, the harder the session? It is a lot of reading and research, but it is well worth the effort. Preparation is the key to success and I enjoy the work.

The 2012 session begins on Monday, February 13, 2012. Two major items will dominate the work schedule - the biennial budget and legislative redistricting. Both issues can be quite complex and inspire passionate debate.

The budget has been particularly interesting this year. Somewhat of a roller coaster ride. A few weeks ago, while speaking to a local civic group, I was happy to report to them that the state was in good shape financially and economic projections estimated that the general fund would have a surplus of funds with which to work. Only days later the situation changed dramatically. Natural gas prices had fallen well below $3.00 and economic forecasts now left the general fund with a deficit. Just like that we went from being in the black to plummeting into the red. The energy production and mineral extraction industry has been very good to Wyoming financially, but it is times like these that I especially realize the need for a more diversified economy in Wyoming.

Is Wyoming broke? No. Currently there is in excess of $1 billion dollars in the legislative reserve account, often referred to as the "rainy-day fund". My guess is that there will be a major push this session to draw some funds from that account to help make up for the deficit and bring more money back into municipalities and counties. Personally, I support efforts to invest in our communities. With infrastructure needs high and construction costs low, …   More

The Petroglyphs

The Petroglyphs is a historical monument, north-east of Rock Springs. It was a sacred place for the Shashone and the Araphoa Indian tribes. The Petroglyphs are carvings that are 200-1000 years old. The Petroglyphs are how the Indians told their life stories, like their journeys, and encounters. Some of the carvings would be buffalo, cows,elk,deer and sometimes horses. The Petroglyphs is about 30-45 min drive north-east. The directions are: take the U.S highway north for 10 1/2 miles. Then turn right onto tryterritory country road for 17 miles. Continue 10 miles on white mountain road until you see the Petroglyph signs and follow those till you get there. You may also see the sand dunes and boars tusk.   More


The fair starts July 26 - August 5, 2012 in Rock Springs. There are fun amazing with all the foods and rides. You have to pay a $10 fee in order to get into the fair. The rides are for both kids and adults but you need tickets and or wristbands in order to ride. You can buy those right when you walk into the fair. Most of the rides require a certain hight. There are lots of amazing snacks like funnel cake and pizza that you buy at food stands that are on every corner in the fair. You have to pay for the foods and beverages though. There are all kinds of animals at the fair like pigs that you can feed camels that you can ride but it costs $15 dollars to ride them. You can feed the sheep there are bunnies roosters and chickens that you can vote on to see which one is the best. They have mazes that you can go through and its extremely fun to play in. They have insane rides you can ride on like the alien ship that spins you around very fast. They have concerts that you can watch and that costs money to watch. They have rodeos in the rodeo hall and you can bet on horses while you watch. The event hall has a lot of concession stands of all kinds like one where you can buy phones. They have concession stands out side of the event hall and a lot of those concession stands have a lot of nicknacks you can buy. If you are willing to come to Rock Springs this is one of the many activities that you can attend to this summer which starts July 26 and ends August 5, 2012. We hope you can come.

Monica R. , Isaac C. , Jadyn I.   More

Family Recreation Center

One fun thing in Rock Springs, Wy is the Family Recreation Center. There are exercise activities you can do such as running the track, working out with or without weight classes offered, and zumba. Sports activities such as basketball and racket ball. And activities in the pool area are the big pool area, kiddie pool, hot tub, and the lazy river. The cost to get in the building is $2.75 and the cost to rent a pair of skates to go skating is $2. And all of this is located at The Family Recreation Center at 3900 sweetwater drive in Rock Springs, Wyoming. With the hours of Monday- Friday 5:00 am-9:00pm and Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-7:00pm

Francisco Villa, Tyler Chamberlin, Madison Chrisman   More


There are many things to do in Rock Sprigs, Wyoming. One of the many things is the rodeo. Some events for example are bull riding and steer wrestling. There are prizes for cow chasing and raffles. When you get hungry there is many different varities of food you can choose from the most popular is nachos and cheese burgers. Shirts and toys are also sold. The cost for adults is 16 dollars, children and seniors is 8 dollars. the rodeo is open 3 days in the month of july. Thursday the 28th at 6pm, Friday the 29th at 7m, and Saturday the 30th at 8pm.   More

Come See The Petroglyphs!

Come se the petroglyphs! It's open 24 hours and costs nothing. You will see lots of cool, old things. Its also a fun place for all ages. You go out north on Elk street on 191, and then turn right on Chilton Rd. There are sings out there that direct you the rest of the way. There is alot of walking, but it is worth it. You get to see signs that Native Americas wrote many years old. You usually see bats, but they dont bite. There are lots of rocks, but its a straight level pass to the Native American signs.

Nathan P. Kelsie E. Alyssa W.   More

Something Fun to do in Rock Springs

Looking for something to do? Ever tried the Family Recreational Center? The cost is $2.75 for admission, and it is a family friendly environment. There is a variety of activities such as; pools, gym, and the ice rink. The pools offer the aquatic expansion pool with lazy rivers and waterslides, relaxation and exercise with the lap pool and hot tubs. Still not convinced? How about the gym? It offers strength and conditoning, and cardio training. There are also activities on the ice rink, such as hockey and figure skating. Skate rentals are $2 and hockey equipment rentals cost $.50 per item. There is something for everyone!

Jonathan J. Stephanie B. Amari B.   More


I am thinking about moving up there from Texas, worried if I can drive in your snow. We got about a foot here last year! I know that's nothing to you'll, anyone have advice??   More

Is Black Friday all it's cracked up to be?

I’m not certain Black Friday is all it’s cracked up to be. Cyber Monday is making a steady rise in the contention to be the king of the holiday sales kick-off. I would argue that the American public, in general, has figured out that the on-line deals are just as good as the ones they can get at the stores, less on small thing: they can do their shopping at home, away from the crowd, and the hour long wait to pay for their merchandise.

The proof is in the pudding, and is quite revealing. With a comparison of 2012 to 2013, the numbers tell the story of our conversion from frantic shopper to on-line bargain hunter. For 2012, according to CNNMoney, 307.67 million of us hit the stores for Black Friday sales, while 139.4 million visited the stores websites. Skipping ahead to 2013, the numbers are mixed for Black Friday, with the indicated number of shoppers actually showing an increase over 2012, the money spent decrease by $1.7 billion over the weekend. In contrast, cyber shopping showed sales up 20.6% over 2012 numbers, with 29.4% of us doing our shopping from our smartphones! Average sales dropped, but the sales increase more than offset the decline.

I would conclude that while some of the diehard shoppers out there still go to the store to do their shopping, America seems to tipping towards the on-line ease of click, click, done, versus dealing with the hassles of in store shopping.   More

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I've heard old-timers say that you can gauge how hard a winter will be by the height at which wasps …
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