Local Artist Self-Publishes Book

Local Artist Peggy Shuster

Peggy Shuster, a local Rock Springs resident has recently self-published a book called "Little Girl Grows Up," a book all in rhyme that talks of a little girl's journey into woman-hood. They are available on Amazon.com. Peggy Shuster has written three other books that have been published. In 1992 she wrote and published "Truth In Times, Rhymes In Lines" and "Children's Rhyme Time Stories." In 2012 she wrote "ADanny" a Rhyme Time Story regarding the disappearance of her brother Danny Shuster who disappeared in 2006 in Port Angeles, Washington, and has never been seen since. Contacts with the Washington authorities have been maintained. Peggy Shuster also is a song writer and singer with copyrights acclaimed to her such as "Wyoming," "Why Lie?," "Don't Say Goodbye,'" "Highway 25", "Glenrock," "What Hurts," "Our Greatest Gift," and "Big Fig Tree."


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