Kevin Augusto Mane Te: A boy born Dec. 19, 2018, to Albertina Sahara Mane of Rock Springs.

Natalia Kate Ann Arellano: A girl born Dec. 20, 2018, to Milow and April Arellano of Rock Springs.

Parker Jane Waters: A girl born Dec. 21, 2018, to Cody Waters and Michaela Page of Rock Springs.

Logan Jay Stuart: A boy born Dec. 24, 2018, to Nyha Portillo and Wynton Stuart of Rock Springs.

Malaquias Hernandez: A boy born Dec. 25, 2018, to Cesar Hernandez and Stephanie Monge of Rock Springs.

Kodie Kasteel Baker: A girl born Dec. 27, 2018, to Lydia Baker of Rock Springs.

Watson Taylor Chavez: A boy born Dec. 28, 2018, to Pamela and Lupe Chavez of Rock Springs.

Kenneth Emersyn Ball: A boy born Dec. 29, 2018, to Mercedes and Kenny Ball of Kemmerer.

Arkyn William Leavitt: A boy born Jan. 1, 2019, to Craig and Hilary Hollihan Leavitt of Green River.

Joslynn Elia Gautreaux: A girl born Jan. 2, 2019, to Ashley and Joshua Gautreaux of Green River.

Arana Griselle Williams: A girl born Jan. 2, 2019, to Bryan and Patsy L. Williams of Green River.

Hudson Don Halstead: A boy born Jan. 3, 2019, to Alexandra Troska and Stephen Halstead of Rock Springs.

Greyson Dean Olson: A boy born Jan. 4, 2019, to Brooke Dimick and Jakob Olson of Green River.

All births are at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County unless otherwise noted.

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