Woman's Club meeting

Woman’s Club members include, front, Beverly Blackwell; and around the table from left, Shirley Palmer, Edna Larsen, Debbie Palmer, Marlene McMillan, Marcia Volner and Charlette Stewart.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Summer Literature group of the Woman’s Club of Rock Springs met at Sidekicks in downtown Rock Springs on June 11. Members purchased delicious snacks and beverages and discussed a wide range of topics, even some books.

Edna Larsen introduced the club to an author who writes very amusing books, Cathrina Sundberg. She wrote “The Little Old Lady Behaving Badly.”

Beverly Blackwell has been reading the newspaper and reported that Rock Springs was listed as one of the 15 best little towns to visit by Smithsonian Magazine.

Charlette Stewart enjoys puzzle books, such as crosswords. Shirley Palmer is reading “How to Improve Your Memory.” The book talks about using environmental associations to help your memory. Marlene Macmillan enjoys reading magazines such as Taste of Home, Consumer’s Guide and Consumer’s Health Guide. Marcia Volner reported about “The Chamber” by John Grisham. Newest member Debbie Palmer is reading “Angel Falls” by Kristin Hannah. She read a paragraph that she had found meaningful to the group.

The members also talked about television shows they enjoy, such as “Call the Midwife” and shows on the Hallmark Channel.

Shirley Black was also in attendance.

The group is part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Wyoming.

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