Young At Heart game results

ROCK SPRINGS — Listed are the game results from Young At Heart along with the dates they were played.

Pinochle, May 9

1st: Betty DuPape

2nd: Keith Shiflett

3rd: Ann Strand-Budd

Also playing: Gary Jensen, Anita Wall, Georgeen Harris and Jim Rafferty

Wii Bowling, May 10

High team score: Gary Leslie and Johanna Karstoft, 434

2nd: Dessie Ball and John Timlin, 433

3rd: Jim Rafferty and Betty DuPape, 359

High individual score: Dessie Ball, 258

2nd: Johanna Karstoft, 232

3rd: Dorothy Logan, 215

Successful splits: John Timlin and Betty DuPape, 2; Dorothy Logan and Dessie Ball, 1

Most strikes: Dessie Ball, 10; Johanna Karstoft, 8; Jim Rafferty, 7

Hand and Foot games

Table 1 winners: Beverly Reed and Sue Henning

Table 2 winners: Kaylou Lightner, Linda Unger, Charlene Grissom

Table 3 winners: Darhl Simkin, Marcia Buddecke, Bonnie Christiansen

Also playing: Betty DuPape, Gary Jensen, Sue Riggs, Beverly Routh, Jim Van Gilder, Anita Wall, Margene West and Sue McGhee.

Wednesday afternoon bridge club game results

ROCK SPRINGS — Ann Strand-Budd and Betty DuPape took first place at Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club games on May 8.

Penny Kern and Shari Uhls placed second.

Other bridge teams included Brent Costantino and Sheila Schrib, Cheryl Confer and Mary Lou Jessen, Suzanne Grasso and Donna Sailbach, Mary Jo Kershisnik and Lois Zebre, and Carol and Steve Myska.

Games are played starting at noon at the Saints Cyril and Methodist Parish Center. Lois Zebre and Kearns are in charge of the games and welcome new players.

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