Sept. 18

1. Carole and Steve Myska

2. Brent Costantino and Sheila Schrib

3. Mary Lou Jessen and Sue Kerns

Other teams included: Lois Zebre and Cheryl Confer, Diane Fenton and Carla Clevenger, Betty DuPape and Ann Strand Budd and Suzanne and Paul Grasso

Games are played at noon at the Saints Cyril and MethodistParishCenter. Zebre and Kearns are in charge of the games and they welcome new players.


Mexican Train

Sept. 18

1. Bob McCaskill

2. Darhl Simkin

3. Beverly Blackwell

Other players: Mary Lou Henderson, Marjene West and Marcia Buddecke


Sept. 19

1. Betty DuPape

2. Georgeen Harris

3. Jim Rafferty

Other players: Gary Jensen, Eunice Kiernan, Keith Shiflett and Ann Strand-Budd

Wii Bowling

Sept. 13

High team scores

1. Dessie Ball and Steve Pilley, 544

2. Karen Pilley and Jim Rafferty, 421

3. John Timlin and Dorothy Logan, 417

Highist individual scores

1. Steve Pilley, 277

2. Dessie Ball, 267

3. Dorothy Logan, 235

Most strikes

Steve Pilley, 10

Dessie Ball, 9

Karen Pilley, 7

Joanie Jereb, 7

Successful splits

Dessie Ball, 3

Kay Hornsby, 2

Joanie Jereb, 2

Jack Jereb, 2

Johanna Karstoft, 1

John Timlin, 1

Other players: Gene Klapel, Hendricka Baker and Arlene Griggs



Sept. 6

1. Dianne Fenton

2. Sue Kearns

Other players: Barb Walker and Carla Clevenger

Sept. 7

1. Charlene Miller

2. Carla Clevenger

Other players: Barb Walker and Carolyn Carollo

Sept. 13

1. Dianne Fenton

2. Jona Jimeno

Other players: Sue Kearns and Carla Clevenger

Sept. 16

1. Carla Clevenger

2. Dianne Fenton

Other players: Barb Walker and Sue Kearns

Sept. 17

1. Carla Clevenger

2. Barb Walker

Other players: Charlene Miller and Penny Kern


Sept. 12

1. James Baker

2. Stephanie Majdic

3. Myrna Graham

Other players: Melba Liberty, Gay Tollefson, Larry Majdic, Fred Linton, Gloria Culp and Kathy Tarter

Sept. 16

1. Jean Kirby

2. Rob Kern

3. Karen Malicoat

Other players: James Baker, Anne Vollmer, Ellen Bernatis, Phyllis Bingham, Cleone Haughey, Charlene Miller, Rose Lovato, Gloria Culp, Goldie Buckendorf, Fred Linton, Ann Lowe, Kathy Tarter and Melba Liberty

Sept. 19

1. Cherylnn Legault

2. Kathy Tarter

3. Gloria Culp

Other playing: James Baker, Melba Liberty, Jean Kirby, Cleone Haughet, Eva Wagner, Gay Tollefson, Steph Majdic, Larry Majdic, Rob Kern, Irene Kalivas, Armella Kalivas and Fred Linton

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