ROCK SPRINGS — The Garden Section of the Woman’s Club of Rock Springs raised enough money to purchase a beehive to be given to someone selected by Heifer International.

The group will continue to raise money to purchase beehives. Heifer International is known for purchasing goats, ducks and other livestock to be given to people in underdeveloped areas. Members teach the recipients how to take care of animals, and then the firstborn are given to someone else. The beehives are a new endeavor for this organization.

Section members discussed problems that have occurred in their yards. Marcia Volner talked about the pine beetles and oyster shell scale she has had on her blue spruce and aspens, respectively. She discussed how they are treating for these issues.

Mary Lou Henderson said that her lilacs had aphids. A mixture of dish soap and water is said to kill aphids, but Henderson got the insects under control by the introduction of ladybugs to her lilac hedge.

Leslie Jo Gatti talked about the advantage of leaving grass longer when mowing to retain moisture and improve the appearance of the lawn.

Beverly Blackwell and Charlette Stewart served as the hostesses for the meeting. Other members in attendance included Sue McGuire, Shirley Black, Jeanne Weidner and Juanita Angeli.

The next Garden Section meeting will be at 1 p.m. on Nov. 5 at the Rock Springs Library, 400 C St.

The Woman’s Club of Rock Springs is a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Wyoming.

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