Court of Honor

Boy Scout Troops 55 and 85 hosted a combined court of honor on Oct. 8. Participants included, front from left, Alex Croft, Eli Wall, Bob Aldred, Vera Trefethen and Bryce Perry; middle row, Garen Pugmire, Dalan Wiberg and Koen Asper; and back, Steven Baker, Cameron May, Zach Croft, Conner Murray, Riley Newberg, Andy Pugmire and Neal Asper.

ROCK SPRINGS — A combined court of honor for Troops 55 and 85 saw 34 merit badges and four rank advancements were awarded on Oct. 8 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints White Mountain Building. Eli Wall planned and conducted the meeting for one requirement on his Communications merit badge.

It included a pre-opening in which people were instructed to quietly arrange themselves by age without talking. Steve Baker, 74, ended up at one end of the line, with Koen Asper, 11, at the other. The meeting itself began with an opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Wall told of the history of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and led the audience in singing it.

The guest speaker was Eli Wall’s mother, Erin Wall. She told stories of people doing hard things. She said boys could accomplish hard things in their lives, like earning their Eagle Scout Award, if they trusted in the Lord.

Troop 55 Scoutmaster Andy Pugmire awarded Camping merit badges to Dallin Ehlert and Bryce Perry and the Personal Management merit badge to Riley Newberg. Garen Pugmire received Swimming, Communications, and Family Life badges.

Eli Wall, the only member of the Groovy Patrol in Troop 55, received the Swimming and Citizenship in the Nation merit badge and his Tenderfoot Badge from Scout leader Steven Baker.

It was announced that Riley Newberg had passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review and would receive his Eagle badge in November. He received a standing ovation from the audience.

Troop 85 Scoutmaster Neal Asper presented awards to the Scouts in his troop. Cameron May, Conner Murray and Alex Croft received merit badges they had earned at Scout camp in June. Alex Croft, Bob Aldred and Asper received Swimming and Citizenship in the Nation merit badges, which they had earned as members of the Groovy Patrol. Asper also received badges for Indian Lore, Skating, Citizenship in the World and Cooking. Zach Croft received Personal Management.

Bob Aldred received the rank of Scout, Alex Croft received First Class, and Cameron May received Star.

Baker gave the Scoutmaster’s minute, in which he told the true story of a man who lost parts of his arms and legs from frostbite, but he became a doctor and a motivational speaker.

The meeting ended with a closing prayer, and refreshments were served.

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