Bob Aldred

Scout Bob Aldred displays the album full of postcards that he collected for the Collections merit badge. Aldred and six other Scouts in Troops 85 and 86 completed the badge Oct. 22 at the home of merit badge counselor Vera Trefethen.

ROCK SPRINGS — Seven members of Scouts BSA completed the Collections merit badge Oct. 2 under the direction of counselor Vera Trefethen. Badge recipients were Bob Aldred, Kylan Clark, Skyler Riddle, Christian Lauridsen, Alex Croft, Koen Asper and Andrew Lauridsen.

Scouts began the badge in the summer by collecting postcards wherever they went on vacation. On Oct, 15 they met at the Trefethen home to assemble their cards into albums and learn the information they needed to complete the badge.

Trefethen showed the Scouts some of her favorite postcards, like the ones she collected in 1971 when she lived in Germany and one of Table Rock Mountain, where her son received his Eagle Scout Award. She said the first postcard was printed in 1869 in Hungary, and the first U.S. postcard in 1873. Postcard collecting, called deltiology, is the third-largest collectable hobby in the world, after coin and stamp collecting.

Scouts were taught how to preserve their collections, how postcards are graded, what postcard club they could join, which events are available for postcard collectors, and how investing and speculation would apply to their collections. They also learned 10 terms commonly used in postcard collecting, such as deltiology, undivided back, view cards, and historical cards. Then they were sent home with study sheets.

On Oct. 22, the Scouts individually answered question for the merit badge. Trefethen was assisted by six other adults, including Cameron Davies, Steve Baker, Huie Hazlette, Kristi Young, Heather Young and Crystal McCort.

The Collections merit badge is one of 135 available for Scouts to earn. Some of the most popular badges are earned at camp, such as Archery, Shootgun Shooting and Canoeing. Merit badges that are required for Eagle Scout are often completed as a troop, like Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the World, First Aid, Communications and Swimming. Scouts in Troops 85 and 86 completed the Swimming merit badge with Ben Hansen on Oct. 3. The next turned to Citizenship in the Community.

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