That Woman’s Club of Rock Springs donated $500 to Actors’ Mission. Presentation participants included, front from left, Jan Torres, Leslie Jo Gatti, Norma Prevadel, and Marcia Volner; and back, Vicki Roth, Barbra Smith, Margaret Russel, Sandy DeGraff, and Janice Jordan.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Actors’ Mission is working hard to raise money to be ready to produce plays in its own building. The Woman’s Club of Rock Springs wants to help.

The Actors’ Mission has been providing wonderful community theater for several years. Its latest home in the Elks Lodge was lost due to the local group closing down and the building being put up for sale. This has made it even more important to raise the necessary money to get the building on South Main ready so it may host plays in the building it owns and is renovating; mo more searching for a venue for plays.

The Woman’s Club of Rock Springs selects a Community Improvement Project every two years. The club picked the Actors’ Mission and will be raising funds throughout this year. So far, the club has donated a wine basket to the May 4 fundraising dinner and helped with covering chairs for the event. They also donated $500 which they asked to go toward the building fund.

The Woman’s Club will have a booth at farmer’s market to raise money and will offer raffle baskets for the public to buy tickets to win. All of the money from the baskets will go toward the Actors’ Mission Project.

The Actors’ Mission was selected was the quality, free entertainment it brings to the community and the free meals it offers during its plays. The plays are well done and everyone can afford to go. There is a free meal hosted by different people in the community or the Actors’ Mission itself. This is available, with donations appreciated.

People can help by donating to the projects Woman’s Club will be advertising for this purpose.

Find out more about the Woman’s Club at or

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