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Pictured at the Sept. Woman’s Club meeting included from left around the table Cindy Moore, Mary Lou Henderson, Betty Jean Carter, Edna Larsen, Jacki Allison April Dittman, Rosie Bunning, Vi Gessner, Lynn Mornar, Judy Litchfield, Betty Lou Auld, Maggie Choat, Leslie Jo Gatti, Standing on right was Kimberly Kellum.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Woman’s Club of Rock Springs hosted its first meeting since February on Sept. 15 at Arthur Park with a bag lunch meeting. There was a great deal of business to catch up with as this was our first general meeting since that time due to COVID-19.

Junior Special Program’s Chairwoman Sue McGuire selected the Buddy Bench for Desert View Elementary. The Buddy Bench will be a place for a student who wants someone to play, or visit with, to sit on signaling to others his desire for company. The bench will be painted and sealed. This will be part of the club’s Advocates for Children Week which is the fourth week of October each year.

The mayor will also read a proclamation at one of October’s City Council meeting. The proclamation concerns our club celebrating its dedication towards the promotion and awareness of the physical and emotional well-being of children. This fourth week in October is celebrated annually by clubs across the country belonging to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

The members also voted on $250 donations being made to each of the following organizations: Scottish Rite Language Center, St. Christopher help for travelers, Young at Heart Prescription Program, Family Resource Center, Youth Homes, Center for Families and Children, Western Wyoming Community College Food Pantry and Ray Lovato Recycling Center.

Marcia Volner was presented with a purple chrysanthemum as a thank you for her years as president by the new President Edna Larsen.

Hostesses Edna Larsen, Char Larsen and Tina Shalata gave each member a bottle of hand sanitizer and a small bell.

Other members attending the meeting included B.J. Carter, Mary Lou Henderson, Maggie Choate, Betty Lou Auld, Cindy Moore, Leslie Jo Gatti, Kimberly Kellum, Judy Litchfield, Lynn Mornar, Jacki Allison, April Dittman and Vi Gessner and guest Rosie Bunning.

The Woman’s Club of Rock Springs is a member of the General Foundation of Women’s Clubs of Wyoming.

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