CHEYENNE — The Wyoming Arts Council is pleased to announce the 2019 Wyoming Road Trip Playlist. Hours driving across vast plains must be accompanied by some seriously engaging tunes and this playlist offers summer road trippers the best soundtrack for their Wyoming adventures.

Listen to the playlist by visiting

These musicians represent some of the best the Wyoming independent music scene has to offer, according to a press release. From the indie folk meets rock band style of The Woodpile, to the experimental sound designs of Crep2oose, to Aaron Davis’ unconventional Americana, there’s something for all tastes.

The 2019 Wyoming Road Trip Playlist is a partnership between the Wyoming Arts Council and the Wyoming Office of Tourism.

Artists and tracks include:

Jason Tyler Burton, “Hwy 89” and “On My Mind”

Isaac Hayden, “Wyoming” and “Lighthouse”

Pete Muldoon, “Rabbit Hole” and “End of the Show”

Bayless, “My Declaration” and “Beautiful Scars”

William Plumb, “The Start”

Aaron Davis (album releases June 21), “The Wolves” and “Same Cloth”

Canyon Kids, “Helplessly Hoping” and “Supply & Demand”

One Ton Pig, (album releases late June), “Dead Man’s Bells” and “Straw to the Pile”

The Woodpile, “You Can’t Force These Things” and “Man on a Hill”

Kellen Smith, “Black Night” and “Casper and Colorado”

Crep200se, “Opulent” and “Impavid”

Jared Rogerson, “Honky Tonk Halos” and “Gone Wild”

Stay tuned for the additions of tracks by One Ton Pig and Aaron Davis when their new albums drop later this month.

For additional information, please contact Taylor Craig, or 307-274-6673.

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