Chat with a mountain man about walking softly through wild lands and history at the Mountain Man Rendezvous in Riverton.

RIVERTON — The Fourth of July is nearly upon us, but how much do you know about American history? Have you ever walked in the footprints of the likes of Kit Carson or Hugh Glass?

In the days surrounding Independence Day, you can step into early American history, a time when mountain men and Native Americans were the small population of what wasn’t yet Wyoming. When relations with the East Coast and Europe came once a year, at an event aptly named the Rendezvous.

The 2019 1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous celebration takes place July 3-6 at the end of East Monroe Avenue in Riverton.

Each spring, mountain men would emerge from the mountains, laden with the furs they had collected in the past year. They would converge at a meeting place with Native Americans, fur traders from Back East, and fellow mountain men to trade for goods and celebrate another tough winter survived.

Today, Riverton in Wyoming’s Wind River Country is home to the only mountain man rendezvous re-enactment that takes place on the same ground as one of the original events. The 1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous occurs each summer on the banks of the Wind River on the edge of town. Re-enactors, dressed in period garb, demonstrate skills and share stories from the era. Attendees of all ages can try their hand at hatchet throwing, beading, and more, all while being educated about America’s earliest industry.

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