ROCK SPRINGS — The sixth annual Red Tie Gala attracted about 500 guests and brought in thousands of dollars Saturday.

Men and women came to the Sweetwater Events Complex dressed in red attire as they helped raise money for the Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Greatest Needs Fund. It goes toward projects and purchases needed and identified by the foundation and Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.

The event’s auction raised over $140,000 with prizes including trips to Bear Lake and Disneyland.

“I’m still waiting on a few things to come in before I can get a grand total, but it looks like we’re going to be in the 140Ks, which I’m completely thrilled about,” MHF Executive Director Tiffany Marshall said. “We had some fun items that were very well received.”

The evening also featured a night of music, raffles and a photography booth to allow guests to create new memories. The Ponderosa Bar served beverages at its fifth gala event.

Ponderosa Bar owner Susan Dickinson said the bar will always be happy to support the gala.

Kevin Green of Green River won a 2019 Can-Am Maverick Trail in a raffle.

“We had a great crowd of right around 500 who looked like they had a lot of fun,” Marshall said.

Marshall was also complementary toward the volunteers, which consisted of Western Wyoming Community College wrestlers and volleyball players, a few American Legion baseball players and high school students, and committee members.

“I’ve gotten some great feedback so far on the atmosphere and the event as a whole,” Marshall said.

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