06-13-19 Austin YT Arndt

Austin “YT” Arndt

ROCK SPRINGS — Local musician Austin “YT” Arndt is a finalist in a nationwide contest, but he needs some help from the community in order to continue his winning ways.

A California music festival, SRH FEST 2019, decided to have a contest to determine who would open the event scheduled Aug. 24 in Huntington Beach. After receiving nearly 1,000 entries, festival organizers selected the top 24 artists and then decided to let others select the winner via an online vote. The individual or group with the most votes will also receive a record label.

Arndt has posted on social media, asking community members to take two seconds a day for one click to “support your own.” The 27-year-old Rock Springs native’s journey to nationwide recognition as a musician has traveled through the difficult road of addiction and recovery.

More than four years ago, music provided a needed “outlet to escape drug use and negative people,” Arndt said.

“I’ve been in nine treatment centers from Wyoming to Utah to Texas. I finally quit after I accepted the pain in my life,” he said. “I make music to share the pain of my addiction.”

Messages conveyed by Arndt include that it is cool to be sober and that actions always have consequences.

The artist has also used his music to aid others in the community, doing benefit concerts for a young girl with cancer, his cousin who was injured in an industrial accident and others.

When Arndt learned about the SRH FEST contest, he decided to do something for himself for a change, not expecting anything to come of it.

“That a little guy from Wyoming made it to the top 24; I am shocked and humbled,” he said.

To vote for “YT,” go to https://srh.com/vote-srh-fest-2019-opener. Each person can vote once per day. The artist with the most votes by Aug. 4 will win and officially be announced as the opener for SRH FEST 2019.

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