Pageant winners

Rock Springs natives Jordan Hardman, left, and Hannah Moore were crowned 2019 Miss Wyoming and Miss Wyoming Outstanding Teen, respectively, this past Saturday in Sheridan. Both girls will advance to the national competitions. The Miss America competition is slotted for September on NBC. The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition will be at the end of July.

SHERIDAN (WNE) — Two Rock Springs girls will advance to the national competition after winning the Miss Wyoming and Miss Wyoming Outstanding Teen scholarship competition Saturday at the WYO Performing Arts and Education Center in Sheridan.

Jordan Hardman, a senior at the University of Wyoming studying family and consumer science, was crowned 2019 Miss Wyoming and Hannah Moore, a senior at Black Butte High School in Rock Springs, was named 2019 Miss Wyoming Outstanding Teen.

An aspect of competing in Miss Wyoming is developing a social impact, or a plan to create positive change in candidates’ communities.

Contestants write essays about a social issue they want to address to present to the judges along with a headshot and resume. During the competition, contestants present their social impact in 10 seconds during the evening gown portion of the event.

Hardman’s social impact is “Bridging History: Vets who lived it, Children who need it.” Her goal is to visit communities in Wyoming to help build connections between veterans and children. Through this interaction, both groups gain a new perspective on life and the children can learn more about history. She also wants this program to help with the emotional and mental health of both groups.

The empowerment received by participating in Miss Wyoming is something Moore has experienced firsthand, seeing her confidence improve throughout the process.

“I hope to inspire a bunch of young women to be themselves,” Moore said.

Her social impact is “I am enough.” Moore wants to help people realize their self-value. “I am enough” helps people stop trying to change themselves to fit others views and instead encouraging them to just be themselves.

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