Scout Troop 307 members and leaders pictured from left rafting on the Green River are Laura Parker, Miriam Parker, Kadynce Wolf, Rileigh Trautman, Tiana Lester, Aurora Wolf, and Jim Sell.

ROCK SPRINGS — Scouts BSA, Troop 307, sponsored by the YWCA of Rock Springs, recently completed a rafting trip on the Green River.

They launched their rafts from just below Flaming Gorge Dam and floated to the take out point at Little Hole. Troop 307 lived the BSA motto “Be Prepared” and was ready for cold and rainy weather. The all-girl troop worked on learning to read the river, water rescue, and boat handling skills.

In addition, they camped out for two nights in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area campgrounds. The Scouts worked on Tenderfoot and Second Class rank advancements by cooking over campfires, practicing First-aid, knot tying, and learning about the geology and habitats along the Green River.

Troop 307 would not have had such an awesome weekend without the help support of the following: Rock Springs Troop 70, and Marco Rubeck. Terry Sell and James Sell also taught the troops how to be safe on the water and accompanied them on the river. The troops also offer a special “Thank you” to Scoutmaster Breanna Jackman, Sandra Trautman, and Matt Jackman for making it a fun and safe Scout outing.

Do you know of a young woman between the ages of 10½ and 17 ready for adventure? Please join us! Troop 307 will resume meeting regularly at 7 p.m. Sept. 5 at the YWCA.

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