SWEETWATER COUNTY — Five students from Green River and Rock Springs took first place at the state level of Young Authors competition.

Wyoming winners from Sweetwater County who will be recognized at the State Literacy Conference in September include:

Brookelynn Phillips, “Wet and Wild Summer,” third-grade nonfiction, Monroe Elementary, Green River

Boston James, “Third String,” fourth-grade fiction, Sage Elementary, Rock Springs

Nixie Guzman, “Crazy Adventure,” fifth-grade nonfiction, Harrison Elementary, Green River

Kyrah Schultz, “Beautiful Chaos,” ninth-grade poetry, Rock Springs High School

-- Kaitlynn Sharp, “October 3rd,” 12th-grade nonfiction, Green River High School

Students from Sweetwater County School District No. 1 and No. 2 and Holy Spirit Catholic School competed in the Sweetwater County Young Author contest and were recognized at a celebration March 6. The entries of students who took first place were sent on to compete at the state level.

Several county students also earned honorable mention at the state level and received a certificate from the state, including:

— Leighton Bailey, “Pa’s Crazy Dreams,” first-grade fiction, Harrison Elementary, Green River

— Miles Kreis, “Family, Fun, & Bacon,” second-grade poetry, Monroe Elementary, Green River

— Boston James, “How are you feeling?” fourth-grade poetry, Sage Elementary, Rock Springs

— Julie Bowen, “Locked Out: A True Story,” sixth-grade nonfiction, Lincoln Middle School, Green River

— Shane Meats, “The Quest Revenge on Sun God Ra,” seventh-grade fiction, Rock Springs Junior High

— Landon Smith, “Nature’s Beauty,” seventh-grade poetry, Rock Springs Junior High

— Allison Brown, “Obscure Nostalgia,” ninth-grade poetry, and “Driving 101: What NOT To Do,” ninth-grade nonfiction, Green River High School

Sweetwater County Young Author coordinators Tammy Macy (Sweetwater No. 1), Steve Schwartz (Sweetwater No. 2), and Amy Copsey (Holy Spirit) expressed appreciation to all of the students who participated in every level of competition and congratulations to those placing at the state level. They also invited students to enter next year’s contest. Additional details about next year’s contest will be available in October.

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