Plant operations

Western has an on-site Plant Operations Program facility to ensure students are properly prepared for careers in local industries.

ROCK SPRINGS — Western Wyoming Community College recently announced the new Plant Operations Program. The program also qualifies for Wyoming Works, the new state-wide program helping adult students pay for college.

The Plant Operations Program prepares students for careers in industrial plants and refineries as process technicians and/or operators, research technicians or laboratory technicians.

Upon graduation, students can find work in diverse areas such as; paper and pulp, power generation, utilities, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals, and in our local industries, such as power generation, fertilizer, trona, and gas processing. Students can complete an Associate of Applied Science in Plant Operation Technology or a Plant Operations Certificate.

Graduates of this program gain the ability to:

• Use a systematic and safe approach to identify the root cause of problems with industrial equipment, and develop a solution.

• Identify concepts, principles and operation of industrial equipment.

• Demonstrate effective and appropriate communication techniques with peers, employees and supervisors.

• Students will be able to deliver an organized oral presentation with clear purpose, appropriate structure, sufficient evidence and content.

“Genesis Alkali representatives worked closely with Western and other industry leaders over the past year to identify training needs for the new plant operator certificate program. We are very excited about the opportunity that Western’s program will offer to both students and employers, beginning in the fall of 2019. We anticipate that graduates of the plant operator training program will have exciting career opportunities and many will become future employees of Genesis Alkali,” said Tammy Fennell, Employee Relations Manager at Genesis Alkali.

Western is the only college in Wyoming with a schedule that allows students to take three credit courses in five week blocks (Monday through Thursday) in three hour blocks offered in the morning, afternoon, or evening blocks — and guarantees an interview with local industry upon completion. The program also qualifies for the new adult learner scholarship, Wyoming Works, for which the Wyoming State Legislature allocated $3 million dollars.

For more information about this program, contact Paul Johnson, Associate Professor of Oil and Gas Technology & Division Chair of Business and Industry Western via email at To register, contact Mustang Central at or call 307-382-1637.

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