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ROCK SPRINGS – A combined 52 staff members and students in Sweetwater County School District No. 1 tested positive for the coronavirus between Saturday, Nov. 14, and Sunday, Nov. 22.

Positive cases include eight students and six staff members at Rock Springs High School; three staff members with the Transportation Department; one student and three staff member at Walnut Elementary School; one student and one staff member at Pilot Butte Elementary School; two students and three staff members at Eastside Elementary School; four district staff members; four staff members at the Central Administration Building; four students and one staff member at Rock Springs Junior High School; three students and one staff member at Northpark Elementary School; one staff member at Overland Elementary School; one student and one staff member at Farson-Eden School; two students at Sage Elementary School; and two students at Stagecoach Elementary School. This comes to 28 staff members and 24 students who were reported positive.

The district stressed that so far the positive individuals have not been traced to exposure at school.

Currently 77 total staff members throughout the school district are out for various COVID-related reasons from this past week. This includes staff getting quarantined, having to stay home due to daycares shutting down, currently being tested, or testing positive.

“The community spread and positivity rate within the community continues to impact Sweetwater School District No. 1,” a press release said.

School district nurses continue to work closely with Sweetwater County Public Health and are the designee in sending out quarantine papers and information to district staff and students who are considered close contacts.

“A close contact can occur due to a student or staff member not wearing a mask properly (both students and staff have to be wearing a mask properly), a situation where a shield had to be used, or no mask worn at all (such as students leaving for lunch at the high school level or while participating in a sporting event) when within 6 feet of another individual for a cumulative time of 15 minutes over a 24-hour period,” the release said.

Sweetwater No. 1 monitors and corrects individuals not wearing masks properly as that can cause others to be quarantined.

“We ask that everyone please practice preventative measures such as good hand washing, practicing social distancing, when social distancing cannot occur, wear a mask, and avoiding gatherings,” the release said. “It is up to everyone in our community to do their part in order to keep our schools open.

“Have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving break and please take extra precautions during the holidays to keep yourself and loved ones safe.”

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