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The Rock Springs Police Department has received several requests for information regarding enforcement of the recently approved public health order requiring facial coverings in certain conditions.

We take the signed Sweetwater County Health Order very seriously and wish to thank all citizens for their willingness to help.

It is important to emphasize the role of peace officers is not to control the communities they serve, but to work in concert with those communities to promote public safety. This is a time where banding together as a community is the only answer. Having worked with Dr. Jean Stachon, we know the current order has been issued out of concern for our community and the most vulnerable members of it. Dr. Stachon has stated numerous times she does not wish for anyone to be cited for the violation, but only requests education and compliance.

We encourage everyone to consider others at this time. Your friends, families, and neighbors may be affected or vulnerable in ways you do not know. We believe the majority of our community will visibly wear face coverings as outlined in the order. We also know some will not be able to wear face coverings for various legitimate and lawfully exempted reasons.

The men and women of the Rock Springs Police Department will be diligent in answering all calls for service, including those regarding the failure to wear face coverings. Our officers will utilize the utmost discretion regarding enforcement of this order and any action we take will be consistent with the law as it is currently defined.

Thank you,

Dwane J. Pacheco

Chief of Police

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