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A message from your sheriff to our community

Dear fellow citizens of Sweetwater County,

Over the past 24 hours, I have answered countless calls and messages from many of you voicing your concerns and objections to the idea and enforcement of a local mask mandate.

Make no mistake, I stand unwavering in my conviction that wearing a mask is a personal decision and not that of unilateral executive action unrepresented by the people and voters of this community. Our state constitution affords each of us the inalienable right to make our own personal health care decisions. As your duly elected sheriff, I have sworn an oath to uphold and protect both the Constitution of the United Sates and the Constitution of the State of Wyoming. The fact is, it is not a sheriff’s duty to enforce public health directives unless ordered to do so by an officer of the court or the state legislature. As such, rest assured, your Sheriff’s Office will NOT take enforcement action by issuing citations or arresting violators for a public health directive that I believe is contrary to our constitutional liberties as citizens.

With that said, your rights and privileges do not diminish or supersede the rights and privileges of others, nor do our personal rights and privileges abdicate any of us from extending care, compassion and respect to one another as friends and neighbors. As a lifelong Wyoming resident and fellow member of this community, I take great pride in the shared values ingrained in each of us as stewards of this great state and denizens of our community. Personal responsibility and compromise is the only way we can keep our vulnerable citizens safe and our economy open. As we all value the constitutional liberties afforded us under the law, in order to keep moving forward, each of us must renew our commitment as stakeholders of this community in doing our part to take care of one another during these difficult times.


Sheriff John Grossnickle

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