COVID vaccine bottles in Sweetwater

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Pharmacy Director Jonathan Beattie displays the vaccine, on the left, with a vial of sodium chloride, on the right, which is used as a dilutant.

ROCK SPRINGS — The COVID-19 Vaccination prioritization schedule is now moving into Phase 1b of the plan outlined by the Wyoming Department of Health.

Sweetwater County Public Health anticipates everyone in Phase 1a category who wants the vaccine will have received it by the end of this week, according to a press release.

Sweetwater County Public Health and Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County are currently working on plans to vaccinate those listed in the 11 categories included in Phase 1b. However, the number of COVID-19 vaccinations is limited at this time.

“There are not enough doses available in Sweetwater County to administer to everyone in the 1b group,” Public Health Director Kim Lionberger said . “There are way more people than what we have vaccine for. Not everyone will get the vaccine this week or even next week. There is a process. There is not a waiting list.”

“We will continue to receive limited allocations from the state,” she said. “Prioritization of the vaccine will be necessary for some time. We are working through it and trying to get vaccinations out to the public as quickly as possible. Please be patient and watch for future media and Facebook messaging.”

In addition, Sweetwater Memorial is working with community health care providers to identify high-risk patients 70 or older. Those providers will contact people in that group with information on when and where they can be vaccinated.

A walk-in vaccination clinic has not been established at this time due to concerns of COVID-19 and physical distancing. A wait list has not been established. Public Health is working to arrange vaccination clinics to be scheduled in the future when more vaccine becomes available.

COVID-19 vaccination information is available at and People are encouraged to follow it on Facebook, along with Sweetwater County Public Health and continue to physically distance, wear a mask and wash your hands often.

If there are questions, call Public Health at 307-922-5390.

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