GREEN RIVER — At least four female Green River High School students as of mid-October were confronted this year by GRHS administrators over dress that the school doesn’t have policy against. Samantha Hardin was cornered by Principal Darren Howard, Assistant Principal Joe Hamel and School Resource Office Ken Yager for showing her shoulders.

After she and Jesse Lauze spoke in the October Sweetwater County School District No. 2 Board of Trustees meeting about the issue, administrators including Howard met at least with her, Hardin told the Rocket-Miner.

The policy wasn’t changed, with Howard doubling down on his criticism of the girls’ dress, Hardin said.

“’It’s to the eyes of the beholder’ is what he said,” Hardin remarked. “He said ‘I should have the authority to say ‘this is wrong’ and you are going to have to do deal with it, as (I’m) your principal.’”

Howard spoke with the Rocket-Miner.

“Here’s what I’m considering,” Howard said. “We listened to our parents and we listened to the kids. We had our parent meeting, we listened to our students, and we’re moving forward.”

The school newspaper reported that a parent “went and talked to Howard,” Hardin said. And of Howard, the reporter told Hardin “he’s doing it for our safety,” Hardin said.

“It kind of just died out,” Hardin said of the issue. “For a while, everybody was talking about it, but then it kind of just died out.”

Hardin also spoke on young men who could display behavioral issues due to dress like Hardin showing shoulders.

“You have to expect more out of them, c’mon,” Hardin said. “They can behave, I’m sure.”

Of the students, GRHS teacher Dan Parson, a speech and debate coach, said “it’s their fight.”

“I’m curious if they will come back together as a group and say ‘we’ll revisit this again,’” Parson said.

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