Four-day week

Sweetwater County School District No. 1 is working on its school calendar for the next two years. It is considering several options including the possibility of a four-day week, however, nothing has been finalized, Sweetwater No. 1 Human Resources Director Nicole Bolton said.

ROCK SPRINGS — Sweetwater County School District No. 1’s calendar committee will be looking at several options including the possibility of a four-day school week.

Nothing has been decided, Sweetwater No. 1 Human Resources Director Nicole Bolton said.

Every two years, the committee meets to select the district calendar for the following two school years. Once an option has been selected, it will go to the board of trustees for a vote.

The alternatives the district is looking at include:

• The traditional five-day week calendar it currently follows.

• A four-day week.

Bolton said it is being considered due to cost savings.

In 2016, the district’s cost savings task force brought up the idea for a four-day school week to help address a multi-million dollar deficit it was facing. This year it is being considered because students and staff requested that the district give it another look, however, it is not for cost savings.

This option would give teachers more time in their professional learning communities and data teams, which in turn will help with student achievement, Bolton said.

Professional learning communities, or PLC, are defined by collaborative inquiry, shared decision-making and joint planning of instruction among teachers. Teachers are given time to work together to plan instruction, observe each other’s classrooms and share feedback, according to the Wyoming Department of Education.

• The district is also looking at two alternative calendars that would include giving students an early release day once a month or every Friday. These are also being considered because it would give teachers more time in their PLC.

More information about the proposed calendars is expected to be released in about a week, with public forums scheduled for January and February. The district will also put up a link where people could give input.

The district hopes people can come to the public forums so they can hear the information and ask questions, Bolton said.

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