GREEN RIVER — The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is conducting a Hunter Education Internet Field Day from 4-9 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 28, at the Green River Region Game and Fish Office at 351 Astle Ave. A certificate of online course completion is required to get into the Internet Field Day.

Green River Information and Education Specialist Lucy Wold said the Internet Field Day is only for students who have taken the online hunter education course at The cost of the online course is $20 for those printing a certificate. There is no cost to take the online course unless a certificate is printed.

Anyone wanting to take this class must also preregister for the course at the same website. Click on the “Education tab” and then “Hunter Education Course Information and Schedule.” The cost of the Internet Field Day is $10, and the class size limit is 25.

“This class is not the traditional 15-hour class,” Wold said. “This is the internet class taken after the online portion is completed. This option was designed for adults working shift-work or working parents who could not fit the traditional class into their work schedules. There is some instruction, but more assessing of what students already know about hunting. The online hunter education option is not recommended for children, however, that decision is up to parents.”

Students are required to print an online hunter education course certificate and bring it with them to the class. The field day consists of sessions on hunting laws and regulations, hunting ethics, a final 50-question written exam and a hands-on gun handling field test. Participants are encouraged to bring water, a sack lunch, and something to write with. Do not bring any firearms or ammunition to class.

Wyoming law requires that nobody born on or after Jan. 1, 1966, may take any wildlife by the use of firearms on land other than that of their own family, unless they posses or can demonstrate they have obtained a certificate of competency and safety in the use and handling of firearms.

For more information, contact the Game and Fish office at 307-875-3223.

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