SWEETWATER COUNTY — Have you ever wished you could have a story read to you at any time? Thanks to the Sweetwater County Public Library System, you can.

“People have been having a tough time during the pandemic, and many have been reluctant to leave their homes to visit the libraries,” said Becky Iwen, Sweetwater County Library Youth Services manager. “We hope that by bringing stories into people’s homes we can make their days a little brighter.”

Those who want to listen to a story can call the Library System’s Dial-A-Story phone line each month to hear a new story read aloud by the library’s story tellers. The service is simple to use, free to the public, and available 24/7.

According to the Library System, Dial-A-Story offers a wide range of stories for different age groups. Stories can be repeated as many times as the listener wants.

Ten story options will be available each month. Right now, all of the stories included in the service are children’s books. They are read by librarians in the library system and by community members. The library will be seeking out more community members to add to the stories each month and to provide a range of voices. The library system is planning to keep the service going throughout the year.

“We are excited to soon offer stories in Spanish and stories for a variety of ages,” Iwen said.

To listen to a story, dial either 307-872-3201 or 307-352-6660 and follow the directions.

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