Let's Talk Turkey

LARAMIE — Rookies new to cooking that Thanksgiving turkey may get a fresh how-to, and holiday kitchen veterans could view extra insights into other cooking methods in a short, animated learning activity from the University of Wyoming Extension.

“Let’s Talk Turkey” takes the bite out of turkey cooking unknowns. The information is taken from several sources, including the USDA and UW Extension’s nutrition and food safety educator team.

“This interactive learning activity can help anyone who wants to cook a delicious turkey meal this holiday season,” said Brittney Gross, UW Extension instruction technology educational specialist. She said participants go through a step-by-step process beginning with choosing whether or not they’d like to purchase and cook a fresh or frozen turkey.

“As the user makes certain choices, the training guides their next steps, which include what size turkey one might need, the proper ways to defrost a frozen turkey, various methods to cook their bird, safe preparation practices and how to store leftovers,” said Gross.

Veteran turkey cookers may also benefit.

“Maybe the chef has roasted their turkey every year and would like to try a new method,” she said. “This training explains how to deep fry and smoke a bird along with marinade and brining recipes as well. And of course, the participant can access additional written information from our publications and websites we have linked to the training.”

The activity is available at https://wyoextension.org/lets-talk-turkey.

Other health, nutrition and food safety information is available at extension’s nutrition and food safety website www.uwyo.edu/foods/index.html.

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