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Before Wild Sage Market can construct or renovate a facility for the grand opening, the co-op will need 800 to 1,200 members or more.

GREEN RIVER — Where in the world is Wild Sage Market? The food co-op hopefuls are one step closer to opening their doors after receiving an $8,080 Technical Assistance Grant from Wyoming Main Street for a feasibility study.

“The study will tell us what kind of demand there is for the kind of store we want to build, how big it needs to be, and how many members we’ll need in total to get it off the ground,” Wild Sage Market board member James Chavez said.

The study is an important step for the co-op, which would sell local, regional, sustainable, and organic food items to Green River residents and the surrounding community.

“The funds have been granted, now we’re waiting for contracts to be in place,” said Chavez. “We’ll have the results from the study within the next month, January for sure.”


Aside from growing membership numbers, the next step for the co-op is a pro forma study, also known as a financial feasibility study. Chavez said this study will focus on determining operating costs of the co-op, how much it will cost to develop the co-op, potential sources for funds, potential sales, and potential revenue for the co-op itself.

“It’s going to give us answers to questions that people have been wanting,” said Chavez. “That will give us a better idea of when the market will be able to open.”

Funds needed for the financial feasibility study amount to $6,000; money the co-op plans to fundraise for.

“We want to raise as much as we can in fundraising,” Chavez said.


Those interested in learning more about Wild Sage Market, becoming a member, or donating to the cause will have various opportunities throughout 2020, starting in April. The co-op will kick off the new season with two events in April – its annual meeting and its annual spring market on Expedition Island in Green River.

“The annual meeting is like a ‘state-of-the-market,’” said Chavez. “It’s an update for member-owners; where we are with the market and what we have in the works.”

Wild Sage Market has big goals for the upcoming year, the biggest of which is adding members.

“That’s just super critical for opening our store,” said Chavez. “We need to grow member numbers before we can move onto the next exciting phase.”

After meeting their 2019 member-number goal of 160 members in December, the market looks forward to reaching the next milestone, 300 members by the end of 2020.


“We have many more milestones to reach before opening our doors,” Chavez said.

Before the co-op can construct or renovate a facility for the grand opening, the co-op will need 800 to 1,200 members or more.

For more information about Wild Sage Market, visit www.facebook.com/wildsagemarket or wildsagegreenriver.com or email wildsagemarket@gmail.com. Copies of the informational brochure and membership application can be found with the story at rocketminer.com.

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