Ted Barney

Ted Barney

GREEN RIVER — Ted Barney is running as an independent for State Senate District 13 because he enjoys representing people and is tired of party politics. Barney chose not to announce his candidacy before the primary election because, being an independent, he was not on the ballot.

He has been a Green River city councilman for four years but decided not to run for another term. He said he feels he could be useful in the State Senate.

Born and raised in Sweetwater County, Barney is a Green River High School graduate and has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and minor in history from Grand Canyon University.

After graduation, he chose to enlist and worked in military intelligence for nine years as a human intelligence collection specialist. Living overseas, Barney became Department of Defense qualified in six languages and has walked in 14 time zones.

After returning from his service, he worked for the Public Defender’s Office as an investigator.

“For 30-some years of my life, I’ve been gathering facts to provide information for people to make decisions,” Barney explained, noting how that experience has given him insight into the workings of federal and state government. “I don’t feel that our political system does that anymore. It’s more interested in party policy than it is with factual information, and they have a tendency to take a topic and say ‘How do we prove our topic?’ instead of ‘How do we gather facts about this topic and make an informed decision?’”

Barney believes the ability to gather information and make decisions based on it allows him to listen to the concerns of individuals and change his viewpoint when the issue warrants it.


“My wife told me, ‘Quit scratching your head and go do something about it. You have the passion and the knowledge, so you be that voice,’” Barney said was his motivator for running.

At www.tedbarney.com, Barney offers a sample of his views on various topics.


Education funding has been an issue of contention in the Wyoming Legislature. Barney believes funding cuts is robbing the education system.

“I feel life is for learning. When we take something and put it into a container, then refuse to take it out to actually look at it we never learn anything about it,” he said.

He recognizes the value of education is how it teaches critical thinking, problem-solving and goal setting, among countless other valuable skills.

“I’m not an educator, but I firmly believe in it, because it’s had a tremendous impact on my life.”


State statute prevents municipalities from designating routes through towns for all-terrain vehicles to travel from hotels to trails. He would like to change the statute to give cities the ability to designate such routes.

“This simple change would allow municipalities to decide if they wanted to specify routes within their towns and cities to facilitate more off-road recreational tourism. This type of minor change has had positive impact in our surrounding states on their off-road tourism base. This is an easy fix that can bring in revenues sooner as well as later. Economic diversification takes time, but plain old Wyoming common sense has faster results,” Barney wrote on his webpage.


Barney writes that he recognizes the potential to transform the many raw materials produced in Wyoming into manufacturing industry.

“We need to turn those raw materials into products here locally. Church & Dwight has been a consistently successful manufacturing corporation. They manufacture at the source and thereby avoid the costs of getting the raw material to the manufacturing plant. We need to see where and how we can expand these corporate cost-saving measures throughout the state and bring additional high-paying jobs to Wyoming,” he said.


Barney is raising funds for his campaign through a raffle fundraiser. By donating $20 to his campaign, supporters can win a trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day 2019. He will be providing airfare and lodging for a party of three.

Visit www.tedbarney.com for more information or to contribute. The winner will be chosen on Nov. 6.

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