ROCK SPRINGS — Sweetwater County health care agencies and officials were notified Wednesday, April 1, by the Wyoming Department of Health that Sweetwater County has its third case of COVID-19.

WDH confirmed a male child living in Green River has tested positive for COVID-19. The patient remains in good condition and continues to self-isolate at home, according to Sweetwater County Health Officer Jean Stachon.

Sweetwater County’s first patient, a male in his 40s, remains in good condition. His quarantine ended March 27, and he remains in self-isolation. His close contacts will be quarantined until April 10.

The second person, a male in his 20s, remains in good condition and continues to self-isolate at home. Only three of his contacts meet state testing criteria.

The first two confirmed positive in Sweetwater County are linked to one of the two epidemiological clusters identified in Natrona County. However, the origin of transmission is unknown at this time, according to the Sweetwater County COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center.

As a result of the first two confirmed positive cases in Sweetwater County, health officials identified dozens of people countywide who voluntarily are self-isolating as a precaution or self-isolating at the direction of their employers. Officials clarified that this estimate was made in consultation with the county public health director based on contact trace information obtained from the confirmed positive patient number No. 2’s care provider.

Advice from health care officials is to treat those and others around you as though they are potential COVID-19 carriers. Distance yourself from everyone outside of your immediate family.

Sweetwater County health care agencies suggest:

-- Social distancing is important. Stay more than 6 feet away from those you are not housed with. Work from home. Make use of Skype, FaceTime, email, and text to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Only send one person to the grocery store.

-- Staying home, self-isolating and social distancing doesn’t mean stop moving. Find ways to get some steps in – work and play in your yard, go for a walk in the county’s wide, open spaces. Movement will help you avoid a pulmonary embolism, or blood clot. Clots can break off and go through your heart to your lungs. Stay active.

-- If you have a temperature of 100 or greater or a cough, call your provider or call the MHSC COVID-19 Nurse Triage Line at 307-522-8523 to discuss COVID-19 symptoms.

-- Stop the spread. Don’t touch your T-zone – eyes, nose and mouth. Cover your cough –cough and sneeze into your sleeve or a tissue, NOT in your hands.


First, you will be contacted by a public health authority to inform you of your positive result, identify people you have been in close contact with (within 6 feet of for greater than 10 minutes), up to two days (48 hours) before your symptoms started, and to provide isolation recommendations.

Second, you will need to isolate yourself. Isolation means you stay at home except to get medical care and separate yourself from other people in your home as much as possible. You will be in isolation until at least three days (72 hours) have passed since you have had a fever and without the use of medications and improved respiratory symptoms AND at least seven days have passed since your symptoms first appeared.

Third, the people identified as your close contacts will be informed that they will need to quarantine themselves. Quarantine means staying at home except to get medical care and monitoring for symptoms. These people will be in quarantine for 14 days since last contact with you. If one of these contacts develops symptoms they may be tested or may have to begin the isolation process themselves.

Four, throughout this time you will contacted daily by a public health authority, to check on you and your symptoms, provide education and assist you with contacting your doctor as needed. You can find further information about protecting yourself and your household members at:

More health and community updates can be found at,,, and

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