Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson

We are living today in a world that has a history in the past 240-plus years, and a system of society and reality, founded on the authority of God and His holy Word, the Bible. Yet, today, our heritage has been painted as intellectually stimulating to study, but we are now considering it honest to lay aside all our values and morals based on this divine and biblical foundation.

In the name of intellectual freedom, our world of exalted reason has attempted to replace divine revelation with human chaos. We see human chaos on our American streets. Ultimately, the end of glorifying our own opinions, is to reduce our foundation for values into absurdity and our foundation for morals into nonsense.

To deny any word of truth from the top, from heaven, from God and His Word, has made man feel like he is finally free. I read of a man who interviewed a lady student in New York state. He asked her if the trees across the street were really there.

The young lady’s answer was “No! Then this lady gave the reason for her most unexpected answer. She recounted how she had been hooked on all kinds of hallucinogenic drugs in the past. She said she had seen all kinds of things that really were not there. That was her justification for no longer trusting the evidence of her sight and what she saw.

This student suffered from flashbacks until, for her, seeing could not give birth to believing. The evidence of her eyesight was no longer a proof to her at all. She therefore did not believe the trees across the street were real. In a national sense, many Americans have been hearing false voices replacing our values and morals based on our Judaeo-Christian foundation. This new anti-God design to turn from our Godly morals and values is repeatedly resulting in unspeakable tragedies that are accelerating in our nation today.

Just a few years ago, who would have considered putting suicide bombs on their backs to kill fellow human beings, indiscriminately? Who would have thought of it? Such evil was once unthinkable. That is no longer true today.

James A. Froude, in his official biography of Thomas Carlyle, that well-known 19th-century agnostic, wrote of how Carlyle once believed there was “no revealed truth from on high.” Yet, Froude, quoted Carlyle in later life, saying, “The agnostic doctrines … were to appearance, like finest flour, from which you might expect the most excellent bread; but when you come to feed on it, you found it was powdered glass, and you had been eating the deadliest poison.”

Any stand we take against divine revelation from God, is a strong stand placing us as men and women in the driver’s seat with almost unthinkable “freedom.” Such perceived freedom is never freedom at all.

Imagine going out into the beautiful mountains south of Rock Springs, heading toward Aspen Mountain, to the Three Patches Recreation area. Imagine handing the wheel of your vehicle to your 5-year-old son or daughter, and letting them negotiate driving the road between the turnoff up to the radar towers and the road to the south that goes along the deep drop-off on the south side of the road. What freedom it would be for your child, but what an abrupt end to the joy of that excursion into this beautiful area. It would be almost certain death for all the people in your vehicle.

The only hope of having wise intellectual searching into our world, as many of the wisest scientists have found, is based on tying our search to God’s revealed truth in His Word. A kite is restricted in its flight by the line that holds it against the wind. The freedom a kite has, to be a kite, is if the kite owner holds its line. If the kite is dropped or the line is severed, the kite ceases to be a kite. It is the held line that gives a kite its freedom.

Sometimes we plunge down the road to “freedom” in so many facets of our nation. As we keep relentlessly plunging toward perceived “freedom,” hoping to be freed from bondage to a respect for life, freedom from bondage to financially being tied to a foundation in gold to back our dollars, and freedom from bondage to respect for law and order to a liberty based on prejudices, ethnicity, backgrounds, and situational ethics, I tremble.

God help us hold on to the kite of our freedom, tying it to the mooring of the Word of God. There is still time, is there not, to take hold of the kite of freedom in our precious country. It is a risk we must take as we reach for the only stable line that holds us up as a nation.

Richard Carlson is the pastor of the Rock Springs Evangelical Free Church. Of his 53-plus years in ministry, he has pastored locally for the last 44 years.

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