Troy Tobiasson

Troy Tobiasson

Sheridan regional access coordinator

Many hunters are excited to see if they successfully drew a permission slip for one of the great hunter management areas in Wyoming. HMAs offer opportunities to hunt private and public lands, otherwise inaccessible without landowner permission. Each hunter who uses an HMA needs to have a permission slip.

Hunters can see if they drew a permission slip with these steps:

-- Log into the HMA system where you originally applied on the Wyoming Game and Fish website.

-- From the Main Menu select “View Your Hunter Management Areas.” Links for all the HMAs that you applied for will show on the screen.

-- You will see a second box below the HMA name and it will show your permission status: “successful,” “pending draw,” “unsuccessful,” or “excluded due to alternate success.”

-- If you were successful, print your ranch rules, map and permission slip.

-- If your status says pending draw, it will tell you what date the draw will occur.

-- If you were unsuccessful, you will not receive a permission slip for that HMA/time period this year.

-- If you were excluded due to alternate success, you were successful in drawing a different hunter management area permission slip, which likely covers this license as well. This is to help maximize opportunity so more hunters can have a chance to hunt on an HMA.

It is very important to follow all the Ranch Rules so these areas will stay open to the public. Please report any violations to the Stop Poaching Hotline or the local game warden.

Donations to Access Yes support HMAs and other public access hunting and fishing opportunities. A $1 donation to Access Yes provides around 3.1 acres of land for hunters and anglers.

Good luck, and enjoy your hunting season!

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