We raise kokanee at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Tillett Springs Rearing Station because anglers love to fish for them. Many people come to Wyoming to fish for kokanee specifically in places like Flaming Gorge, Fontenelle Reservoir, Pathfinder Reservoir, Alcova Reservoir, Lake Hattie and Rob Roy Reservoir. To support this popular sportfish opportunity, Game and Fish aimed to stock more kokanee throughout the state and establish new fisheries. In 2020, we stocked more than 1.9 million kokanee.

The broodstock is housed at Tillett because we had a brood pond and spawning house available and the water temperature at Tillett is 54 degrees, putting it in the safe range for the brood to grow and develop eggs.

Originally, our kokanee eggs were solely-sourced from wild populations. However, as an effort to avoid disease and establish a more stable source of eggs, Tillett was selected to raise a captive broodstock. The captive brood will allow Game and Fish to meet all of the requested late run kokanee production needs across the state.

Brad Welch,

Tillett Springs Rearing Station superintendent

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