Ann Jantz

Ann Jantz

Sunday is Father’s Day, and this year I’m a little at a loss about what to do for the fathers in my life.

Dad is not too hard to please. Bake him a pineapple upside down cake — or any variety of baked goods, for that matter — and he is perfectly pleased. Ribs are also on the top of his list. But sometimes I just want to do something a little more than food, and that’s where I get in trouble. I guess I should just plan some time in the kitchen and call it good. Decisions, decisions!

My dad has always been the calm one in my family. A high school science teacher for almost 40 years, he understood me and my siblings. I have fond memories of him pulling out his briefcase after dinner and sitting down at the kitchen table to grade papers and test and worksheets, enter those grades into his grade book, and write out lesson plan after lesson plan. He was my inspiration to become a teacher, and his work ethic was not lost on me.

Now that he is retired, he spends his summer days in the garden, which is his passion. He has taught my son and daughter how to plant and raise vegetables, and they like to go over to grandpa’s and help in the garden. He is a gentleman farmer with a serious green thumb, and I aspire to his gardening greatness. He can often be found headed down to the Soup Kitchen to give them some home-grown vegetables, once his crops come in. My family also benefits, and fresh vegetables grace our table frequently.

Maybe I should get him some seeds. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

My husband is also hard to honor on this day. He likes to fly fish, so I think we are headed up to Boulder on Sunday to fish below the dam up at Boulder Lake. He, too, has passed on to our children a great love of the out-of-doors, and my kids are always eager to join their dad on an excursion to fish or camp or hike. My son aspires to fly fish as well as his dad, and the activity has taught him the patience needed not only for that activity but for many others.

My husband also likes a good meal, and I have no problem fixing him a special meal because I like to cook. But he also likes to splurge a little and dine out, so we may end up in Pinedale. It’s a definite possibility.

After writing about it, I guess my dad and my husband are not really all that hard to plan something special for for Fathers Day. I might just be overthinking it a bit; neither my husband or my dad need anything special for they are about enjoying the simple things in life — a good meal, family that loves and values them, simple hobbies and not much more are needed to please them. If it’s that simple for them, why should I make it any more complicated?

Happy Father’s Day, Dad and Keith. I love you both very much.

And to all the other fathers out there, may your Father’s Day be as simply special. It doesn’t take much but is much more than we think.

Ann Jantz is the managing editor at the Rocket-Miner and has worked in the newspaper business for over 10 years. She can be reached at

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