Ann Jantz

Ann Jantz

Change always seems to happen suddenly, sneaking up on us in subtle ways. Sometimes it is welcome, and other times it is difficult. But with change comes new beginnings and new paths forward. Hopefully, this is one of those times.

As all our readers are aware, the Rocket-Miner will become a two-day publication this coming week. Many in the community have voiced to me their sadness and regret that it has come to this. It is the way many newspapers have gone, many much larger than the Rocket, because of lost revenue and advertising. Blame the internet, if you must blame anything.

This also will be my last publication, as I am stepping down as managing editor. Another opportunity has been offered to me, and the chance to learn something new is highly attractive, so I am moving on. I will remain local and reporting the news, so keep your ears open!

All this change has left me with conflicting emotions. I have run the gamut between sad and excited and mad and nervous for weeks now. I know many of you out there feel the same way about the changes with the paper, but have no fear — the paper will continue. Change is hard, but sometimes it makes us sit up and take notice.

The newspaper has always been the one source where locals could let others in our community know about their events, be it the birth of a child, a special anniversary, or a death of a loved one. The newspaper excels at telling the small stories of our lives, in detail and with empathy, as well as the large stories that affect us all. The newspaper does not skimp on detail and attempts to dig into issues at the city and county levels. You will not find this kind of coverage on the internet; most online media sources are more about throwing it online quickly than getting it right, more about the gotcha news than the thoughtful sourcing of information to create a well-crafted story.

For me, the newspaper has been my career now for over 10 years. It came at a time in my life when my other career had closed its door on me and I was left to find another job out of the blue. It has been a great learning experience, filled with thrills and difficulty and the knowledge that I could and was making a difference.

Thanks to all the people who have made this ride memorable. I will take all the praise and criticism and helpful bits of advice with me as I step into my next great adventure. Look for me at meetings and events; you can’t get rid of me that easily! Just like the newspaper, I’ll still be around and telling your stories.

Until next time ...

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