Dear Editor,

We are NOT Racists. We are NOT Misogynists. We are THE EQUALITY STATE, and the deafening silence from our representatives in Washington is intolerable. They need to denounce the rhetoric coming from the White House publicly. As a citizen of the state of Wyoming, I call on our representatives in Washington (Senator John Barrasso (307-362-5012), Senator Mike Enzi (307-739-9507), and Representative Cheney (307-772-2595) to publicly proclaim that this type of speech (or tweet) is unacceptable and offensive to the citizens of Wyoming.

I would also like to encourage my fellow citizens to call or email our representatives and tell them that you "hear their silence." Is it too late to make a difference this time? Make no mistake, if we do not let our values be known NOW -- it will happen again, and again.

I would also ask my fellow citizens, if you see our representatives out shaking hands and making speeches this rodeo season, be sure to ask them if these are the new values of the Republican Party. If they are, maybe the GOP needs to Bite the Dust.

Anne Aquin, Cheyenne

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