A thank you from a veteran on vacation

Dear editor,

Upon returning home from my recent vacation to the Midwest, I felt the need to send this thank you letter.

On Sept. 16, 2019, my wife and I had stopped in Rock Springs, Wyo., at the Super 8 motel to spend the night. After settling in, we went to a nearby restaurant (the Village Inn) for dinner. I am an Air Force veteran and was wearing my Vietnam veteran’s cap. We had a very good meal and the service from our server was more than adequate. Unfortunately, I fail to remember his name. After we had finished, our server came to the table to ask if we needed anything else. My wife had already put the credit card on the table. He saw it and said “that won’t be necessary,” as our meal had already been paid for. Needless to say, we were quite surprised and asked as to the whats and why. He proceeded to tell us that some other customer had paid already. He would not indicate who, but that they had said “to thank me for my service.”

I have had the “thank you for your service” statement rendered many times, but never with such an add on. I truly felt honored and rewarded with a thank you. I wish I could return the thanks to this anonymous person or couple who was at the Village Inn on that evening.

I am hoping that your newspaper might be able to help me return a note of thanks to any and all in Rock Springs who honor those who have served.

Ray Kaminski, chief master sergeant USAF retired

Olympia, Washington

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