Dear Editor,

It’s a shame there’s so many spectacular animals on the planet, and manmade laws have been passed to torture, hunt and kill them. People do it to the point of extinctions with when it comes to animals.

They’re innocent and have every right to coexist with us, but instead man slaughters them by the groves. They also misuse, abuse and exploit them for sport, and people won’t ban together and get on board to get it stopped.

Who’s the beast, is it them or is it “Us”?

Utah came to Rock Springs to present to the animal committee, and to the City Council how the trap, spayed, release, neuter laws everywhere else, and does work for cats. The City Council still shot it down.

Though this method does keep the cat population down and does save countless of lives (who otherwise will get tortured and killed in the gas chambers) in Rock Springs, our city government still shot it down.

Cats keep the mice population down, especially at trailer parks. Mice carry the hantavirus, and it does kill human beings. All animals like humans have a purpose in life. And it’s not for us to keep mass killing them, simply because we just don’t get it.

Animal control gasses animals to death, which is a long and tortuous death. That is a fact, and not misinformation. If you call animal control, they will tell you only the sickest and meanest of animal ends up getting killed there. But no animal deserves that kind of torture and long drawn-out death.

It’s people who teach their animals to be mean. Instead of a law being in place to punish the owners, the animals whose already been abused badly by their owners end up getting killed at animal control in the cruelest way too. Where is the justice for those who have no voice and who are innocent?

Just because the public’s own animals are safe at home, they choose not to fight for justice, for the animals who have no homes. (I can’t do this alone.)

Throughout the decades we have elected city officials who won’t do anything about this. Are we going to keep re-electing these same people over and over, after knowing these facts?

Jeff Fogerty, Rock Springs

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