Dear Editor,

Remembering the old Dragnet police program on television in the 1960s, Detective Joe Friday (played by Jack Webb) would always say, "All we want are the facts."

There seems to be such insight to the operations of what happens at Animal Control.

Why is there such misinformation of certain issues involving the city's Animal Control procedures? Animal Control demonstrates care and concerns, along with compassion for animals at the shelter, as would the devoted owners. It is true that all animals, like humans, have a purpose in life. Treat an animal or human with respect and love and that respect and love is given back. Show disrespect and hate, then these feelings are returned the way they are received. Maybe it might be a good idea to visit Mike .Kiggins, Animal Control supervisor, and mention these concerns, he would be glad to address these issues, also attend a City Council meeting or volunteer at the animal shelter. As part of the job description for volunteers at the shelter it states, "The shelter expects volunteers to respect the decisions of the staff and follow all policies and procedures."

Also check the website "Rock Springs Animal Control " Adopt a Pet, notice none of these cats and dogs pictured do not look abused or tortured. Animal Control helps with locating lost pets and help with ideas for the safety of pets. In 2014/2015, the animal control started the spray and neuter program for adoptions, where animals are licensed, vaccinated and spayed/neutered for no charge to the prospective owners. The city opened The Bitter Creek Bark Park for pet owners to let their pets play and have fun, includes a pond and a running area located at 848 West Center St., 307-352-1455, just behind the animal shelter.

FYI There are no "No Kill Animal Shelters" in Wyoming including the Rock Springs facility The Animal Adoption Center of Wyoming has recognized the Rock Springs Animal Shelter as one of the best facilities in Wyoming for their humane and gentle operations and management. People don't need to approve our choices, just respect them.

Sincerely, Connie Gradert,

Rock Springs

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