Animal Control works for the benefit of the animals

Dear Editor:

This is in response to a letter published in the Rocket-Miner, April 11, about Animal Control. Has this person ever been at the city Animal Control when this procedure has been performed, for they do have such insight as to the reactions of the animals or are they getting this information from someone else? First of all, don't ridicule anyone for the professions they have chosen. There are various responsibilities with any employment that can cause controversy, be it positive or negative.

Former Mayor Carl Demshar started The Companion Animal Committee to foster pets to responsible pet owners. In the past years, the group has held six vaccine and license clinics and started a spay/neuter voucher program and made The Wetlands Park for dogs, installing pet waste disposal containers and have worked on the homeless cat issues and more. In 2014 and 2015, Rock Springs Animal Control started spaying, neutering and vaccinating animals before their adoptions to prospected owners. Also, this issue should not be with Mr. Kiggins, it should be with the irresponsible pet owners. Instead of worrying about Animal Control, there are more important issues that develop in our community and as a community, we all could work together to rectify these problems. Recently, Mayor Kaumo held a special meeting about the Animal Control center and their employees. He recognized the center and the employees for a job well done.

Mayor Kaumo mentioned that many "No Kill" facilities have a euthanasia rate of 10% or lower, and they are not 100% no-kill due to circumstances involving aggressive or dangerous animals, injured animals, or feral animals. Mr. Kiggins said that Rock Springs has the best success rate of any city in Wyoming with their spayed/neuter program and has been recognized as such. He also has to deal with the emotional stress when he has to put an animal to sleep. If a computer is available, access Rock Springs animal related ordinances and before any more is said regarding the facility, go and visit with the employees. As Mark Twain said, "Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please."

Connie Gradert,

Rock Springs

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