Dear Editor,

Did anyone here locally notice a news article which recently appeared, an article about a 10th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals decision on a Fort Collins law, a decision which also applies to the states of Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and the originating state of Colorado?

That decision unmade any law in the 10th Circuit that distinguishes a difference between the breasts of a man or a woman as a matter of law. The effect is that it is no longer illegal for any woman or girl of any age, to go without covering their breasts from the view of others. Fort Collins and Colorado are not going to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court, though other states may do so.

Many places have exemptions to the covering of female breasts for women who are nursing their children, but these exemptions are irrelevant to the decision.

The decision allows all women to bare their breasts as they desire, not as a general society demands. I applaud the 10th Circuit decision.

James Punches,

Green River

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