Dear Editor:

At 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019, and at 20 degrees below zero, Chris H. in a big white Nissan Titan saved us, a stranded couple from Colorado. We didn’t realize Highway 191 from Utah was closed, we had about 1/8 of a tank of gas, no service on our phones, and low spirits from the previous eight hours we tried to sleep in our high-centered Subaru on the windswept highway. We had prayed for hours, hoping someone would somehow help.

The strong headlights shone into our vehicle, and we both ran the 50 yards to Chris’ truck. He was our angel.

The three of us quickly realized, after seeing a lifted and stranded truck with chains, that even Chris’ truck wouldn’t make it through the highway. He yanked us out and turned us around, saying we had to take the long way around. We would follow him to safety.

Earlier that night we knew we wouldn’t have made it back to a town on our gas, and we wouldn’t have made it to Rock Springs, the long way, without using Chris’ extra 10 gallons of gas he happened to have in his truck. He was running low on gas as well. He was our angel.

We closely followed Chris, each mile wondering if he’d run out of gas. But he had just given us the last of his. What if he needed it? He was our angel.

Two and a half hours later and precious time he could have been with his family, in the middle of the night, he was saving us. He had been working at the coal mine and needed to get home to a burst pipe at his home, but he rescued us first. He had spent 2:30-5 a.m. saving us, strangers, who were desperately hoping he’d come. He did. Chris was our angel.


Frank and Erica Riley,


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