Working to help stranded travelers

Stop signs and traffic lights can either be interruptions or intersections. They either slow us down from where we are trying to go, or they present an opportunity to turn and change our direction. Sometimes these same interruptions happen in our lives giving us an opportunity to turn and make it an intersection.

On one cold winter evening, the local law enforcement found someone near the rail yard, inadequately clothed in sandals, jeans, and a light jacket. The responding officer called someone from Travelers Assistance Society of Sweetwater County letting them know of the mans condition and also seeing if there was a way to help. Through the continuing generosity of those who contribute to TASSC, the man was able to move on from Sweetwater County with proper footwear, warm socks, a proper winter jacket, and other daily needs.

People from all walks and stages of life find themselves stranded in our community simply needing a hand to safely move down the road. Thanks to your financial support, TASSC is able to help those in need at all hours of the day, allowing times of interruption to become moments of intersection. As you consider giving financially to support the work of TASSC in our community, remember those who just need a little help to move on from their intersection.

Travelers Assistance Society of Sweetwater County is a local nonprofit located right here in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. With the many travelers through our area, some people will need help and assistance along their way. Through the generous donations and support of various community members, TASSC is able to provide some lodging, gas, food, bus tickets, and other goods as needed. All of the assistance is given with discretion and concern for the overall well-being of the individual.

If you would like the mission of TASSC to continue, please consider a one-time or monthly tax-deductible to or Travelers Assistance Society of Sweetwater County, P.O. Box 1194, Green River, WY 82935.

With purpose,

Joel Fauntleroy,

Green River

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