Dear Editor:

Animal Control said they only kill the mean/wild animals they get in. They see themselves as the good guys, killing the bad guys. Right ?!

For whatever reasons these animals have had to learn to survive outside, they are not the bad guys. If they act wild and mean, it’s only because human hands have not touched them before. It would take several months for them to settle down. Before anyone could see what non-threatening and good animals they really are. These animals are INNOCENT!

At the City Council meeting Mike Higgins said he corners the cats in their cages and stabs a needle into their hearts to kill them. The cats suffer bad in order to die. So, do NOT believe it when Animal Control tells you the methods they use are quick and painless. Any professional hit man will tell you what you want to hear. But it’s not true.

Mr. Kiggins also said the animals can look out the window in the gas chambers as they go to sleep and die. But these animals don’t just go to sleep and die.

An individual who helped build the gas chambers witnessed the process of the before and after these killings took place. The animals throw up all over and they have terror in their eyes as they are pulled out of the gas chambers. It’s very clear what a horrific death it is.

Mike Kiggins also said he puts a bullet in the heads of animals who get hit by cars. After he assesses they can’t be fixed.

Just because the city has passed laws and has ordinances which allows for Animal Control to torture and kill our domestic animals like this DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT! These are legal crimes done against animals and it’s WRONG. It’s animal abuse/animal cruelty done via the legal way.

Pass laws for those individuals who are guilty and responsible for putting their animals out. Quit enabling them to stay irresponsible. Do away with the laws and ordinances which keep making these innocent animals pay for it.

Levi Fogerty,

Rock Springs

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