More humane methods should be used at Rock Springs Animal Control

Dear Editor:

I want to shed some light on my discussion at the budget meeting (April 24, 2019) at the Rock Springs City Hall. I spoke about my concerns of the taxpayers’ dollars being used to keep the gas chamber to euthanize unwanted pets and feral cats at the Rock Springs Animal Control.

I carried the budget and expenditure records for Rock Springs Animal Control of last 12 months with me that I obtained from the city hall. It’s depressing enough to know that the shelter gases animals, in spite of most people of Rock Springs being against it. But I was even more shocked to see the frequent purchase of carbon monoxide (euthanasia gas) by the shelter ($492.09 on Sep 13, 2018, and $499.69 on March 11, 2019. I have the receipts). So, $991.78 was spent in buying lethal gas for animals in last six months. So how many animals are still dying a long horrific death in the gas chamber in our city shelter?

I have the emails sent to me by Dr. Tessha Winsch (Cheyenne Animal Shelter), Animal control officer Tory Walsh (Casper Metro Animal Control Center) and spoke to Animal control officer Gene Lang (Laramie Animal Control), they all said that they don’t use gas chambers in their facility but if necessary, they use lethal injection. The emails gave the break down of the cost of the euthanasia drug and it’s much cheaper than the gas chamber we use here. I wish we never have to euthanize any animals, but for now we must choose humane method.

Council member Mrs. Wendorf, Police Chief Pacheco and Mayor Kaumo said they will keep using the gas chamber due to the safety of the shelter staff from aggressive dogs and feral cats.

I think when most of the animal shelters across the country can use humane euthanasia methods while keeping their staff safe, why can’t we use the same safety guidelines?

We, as residents of Rock Springs, have the power to eliminate the gas chamber from our city shelter because there is absolutely no valid reason to keep it.

Please call Mayor Kaumo’s office at 307-352-1510 and politely ask him to remove the cruel gas chamber from our Rock Springs Animal Control immediately.


Madhu Anderson,

Rock Springs

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