Dear Editor:

On Feb. 14, a majority in the Wyoming Senate rejected a proposal (HB 145) to abolish the death penalty as provided in Title 6, WS § 6-2-101. The bill, initiated by a group of outright infidels in the House of Representatives and co-sponsored by several like-minded, anti-conservatives in the Senate, was an insidious, vicious attack on justice and the rule of law. However, the Senate’s action is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Department of Corrections (DOC) indicates there are currently 244 murderers, I repeat 244 killers, in Wyoming prisons or DOC out-of-state contract jails. If subsequently approved, right after trial, by a panel of three, impartial, sitting, doubly qualified, in-state, homicide-case judges, 142 of the 244 should’ve been immediately executed. State law adequately allows it — even death by a gas chamber.

The death penalty is the perfect right and obligation of a well-ordered democracy, but a government and society, verminous with a corrupt legislative and criminal justice system orchestrated by bleeding-heart liberals which fails to terminate the life of those guilty of homicide stands condemned. This condemnation flows from the command of the Moral Law of The True and Living God, enthroned in Heaven, and it isn’t subject to argument by atheists, politicians, lawyers, and religion addicts. Homicide is an unforgivable sin according to God’s Word. You may love the killer, but a capital crime deserves total derision and must never be excused by keeping an assassin alive. If you murder or assist in killing someone, you forfeit your right to live.

Since 2012, we’ve had at least seven homicides in this area, yet the Sweetwater County attorney refuses to indict for first degree murder, because he cannot comprehend the meaning of premeditation. He will not accept the fact that every homicide is preceded by deliberate forethought — murder is always accomplished in that manner. Moreover, the reprehensible practice of repeal of the death penalty, the treacherous habit of issuing life or lesser prison terms for homicide, and entertaining unscrupulous and disingenuous appeals based on adolescent behavior, mental illness, and intoxication — plus plea bargains, the odious claims of “cruel and unusual punishment,” lethal-injection-drugs-complications, and the parole of killers is absolutely despicable.

In your Feb. 15 article (“Bill to repeal ... ,” page 1), the senator from Douglas WY, Brian Boner, boasts, “We have an excellent legal system ... ,” but he vilifies the very existence of federal and state government for exerting excessive power over the populace with the lawful imposition of execution for murderers. Boner should focus his attention on legal and judicial irregularities concerning capital crimes in Wyoming, and be honest enough to admit the real source of his bias — religious fanaticism. An “excellent legal system” does not decadently put someone to death in this state as Boner, not a true Republican, excitedly fears and alleges.

I invite morally responsible, local constituents of Senator Tom James, District 13, and Representative Clark Stith, District 48, to commend these men for their courageous action to defeat HB 145, with all its amendments. The highest function of government is the protection of the sanctity of mortal life, out of which arises the responsibility of civil or martial authority, however judiciously organized, to efficiently and expeditiously administer capital punishment. It must be understood that the rule and efficient administration of law carries a reward or repercussion predicated on the deeds of every human being.

Sincerely yours,

Pastor Robert (Rob) Howard,

New Bethel Baptist Church,

Rock Springs

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