Cody A. Deichmueller vs. Jennifer R. Eckelberry, formerly known as Jennifer R. Deichmueller, Feb. 22, stipulated order to modify divorce decree.

Elloree Lison vs. Kyera Lison, March 2, divorce decree.

Maggie L. Griffin vs. Jeffrey L. Griffin, March 7, divorce decree with minor children.

Benjamin Jay Clark, vs. Melissa Nicole Clark, March 8, final divorce decree.

Dale Ann Fisher vs. Michael Ray Fisher, March 10, divorce decree.

Tomi Brynn Bear vs. Joseph Michael Bear, March 10, order confirming registration.

Jessica Lindsey Miller, vs. Shaun Joseph Miller, March 10, divorce decree.

Arnulfo Salcedo vs. Sasandra Salcedo, March 13, divorce decree.

Patty Perengliev vs. Byashim Perengliev, March 17, divorce decree.

Tyrel Stotts vs. Kori Stotts, March 17, divorce decree.

Jonathan F. Olson vs. Samantha G. Olson, now known as Samantha G. Wamsley, March 22, second stipulated order to modify divorce decree.

Dolan Frederick Wire vs. Nicole Leslie Wire, formerly known as Nicole Leslie Salois, March 23, divorce decree.

Pamela Rae Burke vs. Robert Warren Burke, March 24, qualified domestic relations order.

Juanita Kay Eaton vs. Ford Leroy Eaton, March 24, stipulated divorce decree.

Kelly Blake Mortensen vs. Amanda Jane Mortensen, March 24, stipulated order modifying divorce decree.

Samantha Wamsley vs. Joseph Wamsley, March 24, divorce decree.

John Ralph Strand vs. Holly Marie Strand, April 4, divorce decree.

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