Aspen Fowler-Marzec vs. De’Arlo Fowler-Marzec, March 9, redacted default divorce decree with children.

Larry E. Foxley vs. Luann Foxley, March 27, divorce decree.

Jessica Jean Hoopes vs. Daniel John Hoopes, March 29, divorce decree.

Donald Corey Smith vs. Tammie M. Smith, March 29, divorce decree.

Katherine Brennan vs. George Wheeler, March 29, divorce decree.

Michael Roy Semon vs. Tina Marie Semon, April 2, stipulated judgment and divorce decree.

Russel L. Hays vs. Marla Hays, April 2, stipulated order modifying divorce decree.

Malia Rae Wayment vs. Ryan Merrill Wayment, April 2, divorce decree.

Logan Dean Hanson vs. Tanya Lynn Hanson, April 4, default judgment and divorce decree.

Jason George Roghair vs. Samantha Jo Grant, April 5, divorce decree.

Nickolas James Harding vs. Megan Deann Harding, April 5, divorce decree with minor children.

Chersten Evans vs. Micheal Evans, April 9, divorce decree and income withholding order. Micheal Evans was ordered to pay $816 per month child support.

Julia Katherine Stafford vs. Cody Bill Stafford, April 11, divorce decree.

Daren Joel Woodbeck vs. Jami Nye Woodbeck, April 13, divorce decree.

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