Kaleigh Padilla vs. Marcus Padilla, Sept. 7, divorce decree.

Dustin Hansen vs. Jennifer Green, Sept. 15, divorce decree.

Cheryl L. Rixey vs. Kelly G. Melvin, Sept. 18, judgment and divorce decree by default.

Philip J. Pyzyna vs. Mary Ann Pyzyna, Sept. 18, divorce decree.

Janet Lee Little vs. Billy Jack Little, Sept. 19, divorce decree.

Camila Bozner vs. Max Frank Bozner, Sept. 19, redacted divorce decree.

Aaron A. Spiker vs. Donnah M. Spiker, Sept. 20, divorce decree nunc pro tunc. Aaron Spiker to pay $1261 per month child support.

Cynthia L. McQuillan-Andrew vs. Dwayne A. Andrew, Sept. 21, divorce decree.

Rhonda Gaylene Miller vs. Richard Alan Miller, Sept. 22, order for stipulated divorce decree nunc pro tunc.

Andrew M. Boldt vs. Brooke Cleo Boldt, Sept. 22, divorce decree.

Falon Grace Morgan vs. Jeffery Wayne Morgan, Sept. 22, divorce decree.

Rebecca Eusek vs. Austen Eusek, Sept. 25, divorce decree.

Gilbert R. Wahl vs. Jacquelin K. Wahl, Oct. 10, divorce decree.

Robert Scot Clark vs. Stacey Jo Marsh, Oct. 10, divorce decree.

Brian Keith Lytle vs. Tessa Blair Lytle, Oct. 11, divorce decree.

Joshua Steven Bell vs. Naomie Raylyn Bell, Oct. 11, divorce decree. Joshua Bell to pay $845 per month child support.

Tasha Jones vs. Tyler Jones, Oct. 16, divorce decree with minor children and income withholding order.

Kristin Rankin vs. Dallas Rankin, Oct. 17, amended divorce decree and child custody, visitation, and support.

Lyrie Ornelas vs. Omar Vicencio, Oct. 23, divorce decree.

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